Elizabeth Stanley-Salazar

Vice President and Director of Public Policy, Phoenix House


Ms. Stanley-Salazar is the Vice President and Director of Public Policy for Phoenix House of California. Phoenix House is the largest non-profit provider of substance abuse services in the country, and California is currently its largest region. Prior to her current position, Ms. Stanley-Salazar was the Regional Vice President for Phoenix House California Region leading its growth from a worth of $5 million to approximately $50 million. She served as Chief Deputy Director of the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs under the Directorate of Dr. Andy Mecca. She has extensive experience and expertise in increasing access through collaboration and integrated services to substance abuse treatment services to youth, adults and families. She has successfully championed (1) increasing the availability of substance abuse treatment for adolescents who have not yet come to the attention of the juvenile justice or child protective systems, and (2) establishing new treatment programs for women with children, allowing women on parole to regain custody of their children as they improve their parenting skills along with maintaining their abstinence.

Ms. Stanley-Salazar expertise includes: strategic planning; values clarification; developing operational procedures; program development and implementation; contract structure, negotiations and budget management; communication protocols; cross-system training; client confidentially rules; data and information systems management; screening tools; substance abuse assessment; children of substance abuser interventions and prevention programming; co-location of substance abuse and child welfare staff; child welfare, substance abuse or court programs; women's comprehensive treatment; culturally relevant services; IV-E Waivers; funding of comprehensive services; and judicial systems of family/dependency and family drug courts. She has experience in operational, systems and policy levels.




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