Prevention and Family Recovery (PFR)


In 2012, CFF was awarded a grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to conduct a multi-site family-focused project specifically aimed at child abuse and neglect prevention efforts.  A key strength of the Prevention and Family Recovery (PFR) project is its focus on improving cross-systems collaborative capacity to create broader, sustainable systems change. This is a departure from many grant opportunities that instead focus on implementing a narrowly-defined project or single intervention. PFR is not about simply adding parenting and child services to the menu of available services for family drug court (FDC) participants.  PFR seeks to engage the selected FDCs in a process that transforms the way the court and its collaborative partners make policy, program and resource allocation decisions and, ultimately, serve and support families affected by parental substance use disorders. 

CFF will be conducting an evaluation of the PFR project that involves measuring child and family functioning, organizational capacity to implement and sustain the PFR project and larger systems change in the selected family drug court (FDC) sites. CFF plans to use a realist evaluation approach to advance the understanding of how integrating parenting and child development and therapeutic services into the larger FDC systems of care helps prevent subsequent child abuse or neglect and improve family outcomes including parent-child relationships, parent recovery, and reunification.  The benefit of the PFR realist evaluation approach is that it embeds a feedback loop by which the FDC and its key stakeholders can monitor their efforts and make changes to improve performance.  As a result, other FDCs will be able understand the context, underlying mechanisms and outcomes associated with integrating parenting and child development and therapeutic services into the larger FDC systems of care.  The evaluation will yield a thorough, replicable description of how FDCs can improve services for families. 


More information on PFR Evaluation can be found here.