Regional Partnership Grant (RPG)


The RPG Program is the Federal government's largest single investment focused specifically on the lives of children and families at significantly high risk for negative outcomes related to substance use and child abuse or neglect. The RPG program is intended to ensure the well-being, permanency, safety and stability of children, youth and families affected by Substance Use, child maltreatment and trauma. A variety of child and adult indicators submitted biannually by grantees are analyzed to gauge the effect of participation in the RPG program. The Children’s Bureau's goals for the RPG national cross-site evaluation (NCSE) formed the basis upon which CCFF’s goals for the RPG program were formulated, To: 1) determine whether grantees were successful in achieving their local goals and outcomes; 2) whether grantees were successful in meeting the needs of families and achieving the goals of child safety, permanency and family stability; 3) to report on and strategically disseminate information on successful models, implementation strategies and overall effectiveness; 4) to provide grantees TA in implementing local evaluations and evidence-based practices with fidelity and rigor; 5) to ensure that grantees collect and submit all required information for the NCSE; and, 6) to delineate and understand the cost of program implementation.
The CFF evaluation team is responsible for bringing together and analyzing the data submitted by the original 53 grantees over 5 years including information about 15,031 families comprised of 25,541 children and 17,820 adults.  This is the largest data set ever assembled on this population and, for the first time, the evaluation team is bringing children and adults together for analysis as family units in 2013.